Saturday, February 13, 2010

chris and dani ward february 12, 2010 =)

Dani and Christopher Ward for eternity in the bountiful temple! i was lucky to be a bridesmaid in my dear friends wedding dani bastian! she always swore that she'll never get married and had a 5 year plan... haha so much for that! but she's never been so happy in her life! chris is so perfect for her and they really do bring out the best in eachother, oh i love them both! they really are perfect for eachother :)

dani is probably my most daring friend ever! she chopped her hair 5 days before the wedding and i can honestly say that shes the only girl i know that can pull off a fohawk on her wedding day! oh dayna i love you

my, janessa and kylie!

yes its for real...we wore green chucks for the wedding! its totally something i wouldn't wear but it was fun dressing up! it was dani's big day so we'd wear just about anything for her. i ended up love them at the end lie

us bridemaids with the beautiful bride! janessa, me, dani, hannah, dani wife and kylie!

haha the whole day we were joking how we felt like detectives with our dresses on... it was quite the adventure! oh dear...we are so special lol

of course...the dancer!

the brown one!

the blonde!

oh us 3 girls alone have way too much fun sometimes...if thats even possible! we found a random bridge after the luncheon lol so of course we just had to take pictures! hello we need to remember this wonderful day! sometimes i wonder how we have friends...but then i look at all of us and really how are all are special haha hence...we're friends!

wow...thats all i can think to say right now about me in this pic...maybe the whole no smiling trying to be high fashion look doesn't work for me hahaha but really

all four of us girls worked at golden livnig with our dear old ones! oh man we've had so many good times there! we actually looked forward into going into work...what work place is like that lol its crazy how close we've gotten just in the past year...these girls are really friends that i'll have forever. they really do bring out the best in me and i love how we are all different yet special in the same ways. 2 down 2 to go

not gonna lie...these dresses were cute at the top but once it got to your hips...i don't care who you are...your booty will look like j-lo or the girl off of ushers yeah video...i kid you not! haha good thing it was just for one day...we kept laughing at each other about our j-lo's we had going on lol good times!

the reception was at a golf course in bountiful...oh man it was so beautiful! especially outside with the sunset. too bad it was freezing and snow everywhere or else it'd be nice to walk around the golf course...we can thank the wonderful state of utah for that!

mr. and mrs. ward! oh i'm so happy for these two and they really are so perfect for eachother! even though our dayna is married now we know she'll still be a zebra golden girl forever! take good care of her topher of i'll kill you!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

byu basketball!

so i haven't blogged in forever...really though! it could be cause i'm retarded and don't know how to use it...or that my life really isn't that exciting lol you can be the judge of that haha but last month my dad took my two sisters marla and christine and i to a byu basketball game! i don't remember who we played...wyoming maybe? if we do play them lol anyway thats not the point, the point is that the game was really fun! personally i'm more of a football fan but hey its winter lol but it was fun cheering for the cougs with my sisters and dad! with christine there was very entertaining!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


i pretty much have the best sisters in the world...they're all freakin halarious! we're so different yet alike at the same time lol

breanna, marla and kelsey during christmas break doing a music video to clumsy!